Immunity: why it is so special, and how you can fortify it

Immunity is the word that many people have heard. However, most of them falsely assume that medical specialists use the term to describe a system protecting our body against any kind of infections.

Yes, protection against pathogenic causative agents of a bacterial or viral nature is an extremely important function of our immunity system. This is not its only area of responsibility though.

Immunity is responsible for a population (quantitative) balance of all cells and tissues in our body. It maintains homeostasis (dynamic equilibrium status) of the body’s internal medium constant and protects healthy body cells not only against a variety of substances and foreign organisms, but also monitors their own functional activity stopping any manifestations of mutations or carcinogenesis.

In fact, it is the immunity that fights against viruses, pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells, which form in the body’s tissues as a result of mutation or toxic or radiation destruction.

Immunity is rightfully considered the main system, which defends our life all-round.

One could discuss this important aspect for a long time, but let’s try to discover at least a few interesting facts and find out the best and most efficient way to fortify this functional basis of human life.

  • There are two immunity types. Type one – specific. It appears in people who have undergone a disease of a viral or bacterial aetiology, for example measles, German measles etc. This kind of immunity can be raised with vaccination.
    This specific immunity typically remains for a pretty long time; with certain diseases, it accompanies us life-long. Type two – non-specific. It begins to form in an unborn baby, but becomes fully capable to defend us only 10-12 months after the birth. It safeguards our health all life long. Its task is to defend us against infections and pathogenic attacks of any kind.
  • After the birth, the baby’s body remains absolutely dependent on its mother’s immunity for many months (even if she is far away physically).
    The reason is immune instability in babies. During the last pregnancy trimester, a mother’s body passes her baby the most important part of the immune defence (immunoglobulin G).
    This guardian will take care of the baby almost until the age of 12 month. During the first 3-6 months of life, a baby rebuffs almost all infectious attacks using a stock of immune cells received from its mother. After 6 months, a mother’s immunity cells gradually degrade, and her baby’s own immune forces begin to fight instead.
  • Everyone heard about benefits of breastfeeding.
    However, only few people know that a huge amount of maternal antibodies is transferred to a baby’s body with the milk.
    Antibodies received this way cannot penetrate into the baby’s blood and fulfil their defensive functions exclusively within the gastrointestinal tract.
    This is a local, but extremely important defence, which significantly reduces risks of food-borne infections and forms the normal guts microflora more rapidly.
  • Human immunity is an absolutely unique and almost flawlessly planned biological mechanism.
    According to many medical specialists, this is one of the most stable parts of our body. By capability to resist violations, it surpasses even the skeletal system.
    Being a masterpiece, it still needs our support sometimes. During epidemics, autumn or spring (like now), many experts recommend using immunostimulants or complexes of immune modulators, which can stop infections preventively, before a full-fledged intrusion occurs.

In 2018, Mineral Medix, a Canadian company, rolled out a new four-component preparation formulated to support immunity, which was called IMMUNEguard+.

This is a safe modern product, which, despite its natural herbal basis, has a very serious functional potential including not only a complex of immune-modulating polysaccharides (high-concentration extracts of mushrooms Reishi and Maitake), but also a significant share of true immunoglobulins derived from colostrum and milk of fresh calved cows (Bovine Colostrum made in Canada).

Additionally, it contains enriched extract of root of a legendary herb Astragalus, which is known not only to fortify the immune system, but also to be able to tone up the entire body, normalize the cardiovascular function and even slow down body ageing processes.

ImmuneGuard+ is a great handy and natural remedy not only promoting immunity fortification, but also capable of having a positive effect on the entire homeostasis system (a system of self-regulation and dynamic equilibrium) of the human body.

Immune Guard+ comes in a capsular form, with a daily recommended dosage of 2 capsules a day to be taken with the meal.

Immunity support and fortification is an important and far not easy task. Besides efficiency, one should keep in mind safety of a remedy able to provide an immune-modulating effect.

Only natural ingredients with open dosages and clear and scientifically grounded action can guarantee total safety during a period of using this kind of complex.

What is a recommended periodicity of taking remedies, which are able to fortify body defences?

Immunologists adhere to an optimal formula know as ‘two to one’.

An immune-stimulator intake period (e. g. 14 days) is to be followed by a break twice as long (28 days accordingly).

Those who are really going to take care of their health should remember a proverbial medical truth – «A strong body is not that with big muscles, but the one with powerful immunity»!

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