Arthritis: theories, reality and new treatment

Arthritis” literally means “the inflammation of a joint”; a joint is a place where two bones connect. The medical community recognizes more than 100 varieties of arthritis; yet, despite there being quite a few various specific signs of the illness, at the foundation of all the types of the illness, a manifestation of a local inflammatory process of various intensities are found.

What is the primary cause of arthritis?

Modern medical science holds that the source of arthritis is the inflammation of articular tissues and the destruction of contact surfaces between joints. This occurs due to a variety of reasons.

External injuries, attacks by one’s immune system, or simply a result of age-related deterioration are all common causes of arthritis. It is precisely the last reason that is referred to as the “wear and tear” of joints (wearing-out with age); it is not only the most common cause but also the most mysterious and insufficiently studied one. There exist several theories that explain why some people’s arthritis (the “wear and tear”) exhibits itself very early in life, while in others it remains unknown until lyan older age.

One theory points toward a person’s genetic predisposition as a primary reason. Another theory contends that a toxic effect of a viral or a bacterial etiology is to be blamed for kickstarting the illness. The third theory holds an entirely different idea; namely, that at the basis of the entire disorder lies the weakening of one’s muscular framework that guards one’s joints against overexertion. As our muscles weaken and become less elastic, the overload first falls upon our ligaments, then upon our articular surfaces and cartilages.

In spite of various indeterminate causes, inside the joints themselves, the picture looks plainer and more predictable.

The cartilage that covers the surfaces of the joint gradually rub away and lose their natural smoothness. After that, microinjuries and deformities develop, the normal microcirculation is disrupted, and all the signs of local inflammation begin to appear. Finally, where there is inflammation, therein lies pain too.

How should one’s body be helped in such a situation?

It is apparent that the primary reason for arthritis in a particular patient is not always possible to establish. Even if the cause is determined, to attempt to correct it is, as a general rule, already too late.

In fighting arthritis, it is essential to concentrate on two dominating factors: the inflammation, and the rapid destruction of superficial structures of articular cartilage. These are unique points of arthritic growth. If these points are blocked, the ability of this illness to develop is taken away, and thus a pathway toward remission is opened.

Acting upon and achieving both these goals are the main functions of the new, natural complex JOINTguard+ from Mineral Medix.

To keep the negative inflammatory factors in the area of the joints under control, weaken these factors as much as possible, and at the same time support and stimulate our body’s regenerating functions are the main ideas behind the ingredients that comprise the natural complex of JOINTguard+.

A daily dose of three capsules of this new natural remedy contains the following active ingredients:

  • Andrographis paniculata, 450 mg (10% andrographolide). A concentrated extract of this plant contains biologically active molecules of dipertene (another name is andrographolide). These molecules promote decrease of articular and vascular swelling, which occurs in rheumatoid arthritis. Also, taking andrographolide supports the decrease of immunoglobulins Ig-A and C-4. These immunoglobulins are the acute-phase proteins-markers of inflammation.
  • Chondroitin sulphate, 1200 mg. A low-molecule fraction of chondroitin sulphate present in the JOINTguard+ complex promotes the improvement of the phosphate-calcium exchange in the cartilaginous tissues and promotes the acceleration of the restorative processes of these tissues. Also, chondroitin sulphate-based compound can inhibit the degenerative processes in the cartilaginous and connective tissues, suppress the activity of enzymes that cause injury to these tissues thereby promoting the regeneration of the articular bursae. All these factors as a whole lessen the soreness and increase the mobility of the arthritis-affected joints.
  • Hyaluronic acid, 180 mg. It is a non-sulphonated glycosaminoglycan that comprises a basis of the extracellular matrix. It is an important component of the articular cartilage that is present in the form of a coating of every chondrocyte cell. When hyaluronic acid combines itself with the aggrecan monomers in the area of connective proteins, large structural units are formed in the articular cartilage. These units are capable of absorbing water. It is precisely these structural units that are responsible for the elasticity of the cartilage, i.e., its resistance to dynamic deformation.
  • Silicon, 15 mg. (choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid). It is a special form of silicon that promotes the synthesis of hydroxyproline, the chief amino acid that creates our collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides for durability and elasticity of the connective tissue (a basis for cartilages and tendons) in the human body. Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid is one of the few stable and, at the same time, biologically available forms of silicon that can positively affect the speed and volume of the physiologic synthesis of the body’s collagen. Also, this stabilized form of the orthoSsilicic acid naturally counters intervertebral disk degeneration.

According to the statistical data from the World Health Organization, tens of millions of people suffer from one or another form of arthritis, and there are even more people who do not seek help from professionals. Over the last twenty years, the numbers of registered cases of arthritis have almost doubled, and following the current trend, this will number increase with every year.

Medical professionals agree that about every third person will encounter some symptoms of arthritis at a certain point in their lives. Understanding this reality and accepting it is vital, and one should not wait for a miracle but instead should actively help and support their own body as early as possible.

JOINTguard+ is a natural, multi-component combination of specialized ingredients that is capable of positively affecting the process of articular restoration and regeneration, as well as resisting destructive inflammatory factors.

A double-action effect on the body, the use of natural ingredients, and a non-standard approach to supporting the restorative function of our body with the help of a particular biologically active form of silicon (this form of silicon is capable of supporting the synthesis of its collagen)—all these are the main distinguishing properties of JOINTguard+ from Mineral Medix.

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