Ways to Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Health professionals remind us constantly that we need to be mindful of our cardiovascular health and live more healthy lives. We all want to be healthy, so just what is cardiovascular health and how do we improve it anyway? Put simply, cardiovascular health refers to the health status of our circulatory system, which is composed of our blood vessels and heart. Some of the more common cardiovascular diseases and disorders include; high blood pressure, stroke, coronary artery disease and heart attack. It’s pretty clear, then, that it is important to ensure our cardiovascular health is very important to each of us.

Better cardiovascular health requires some change, but not all at once. Some of the steps are pretty simple, really. Here are a few things we can do:

  1. Increase physical activity. Shoot for 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week, and spend as little time as possible remaining seated and sedentary.
  2. Make healthier food choices. Cutting back on processed and refined food like pasta, white bread, and sugary items and transitioning to whole foods like nuts, fruits, and vegetables will quickly reap results.
  3. Quit using tobacco now. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and even e-cigarettes are terrible for your cardiovascular system. The nicotine and other by-products wreak havoc with our blood vessels and heart.
  4. Cut back on saturated fats. When it comes to meat and dairy products, choose reduced fat and leaner products, as they can help us keep our cholesterol in check.
  5. Sleep well. We should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Another step we can take is to make CARDIOguard+ a part of our daily routine. It’s a highly effective antioxidant that helps our bodies maximize how they metabolize fat and glucose, which supports heart health and even helps fight migraines. Taking 1 capsule each day is all you need to see its benefits and to improve your cardiovascular health.

Let’s take steps now to promote better cardiovascular health and include CARDIOguard+ in our daily routine. Visit Mineral Medix to learn more about CARDIOguard+ and other products that will benefit your health. Your cardiovascular health is extremely important, so make sure to take the steps in your daily routine to keep your overall health in the best condition.


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