Interesting facts about the liver

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. Every minute millions of chemical reactions occur in the liver and form the basis of our body’s life.

The liver is the largest unpaired organ; its weight varies from 1.5 to 1.6 kilograms. It weighs more than a human’s brain.

It is the liver that controls most of the body’s vital functions.

All the blood that leaves the digestive system first passes through the liver and only then does it enter the main bloodstream. This means that all we eat and drink has to go through the liver before it will be metabolized by the body.

Up to 100 litres of blood go through this important organ in just one hour. The liver holds about 10% of the body’s blood supply at any given moment.

If we compare the functional activity of the liver with any other muscle, we’ll see that the liver’s cells consume 10 times more oxygen than the cells of a muscle tissue.

If the liver suddenly stopped working, a person would suffer a strong intoxication by just drinking a glass of water or milk.

The peak of activity in the work carried out by the liver usually occurs between six and eight p.m. It is during this period that the liver most actively removes harmful substances.

There are only a few nerve endings in the liver – that’s why we don’t feel pain even in the case of an extreme toxic load of the liver.

Modern medicine has classified more than 50 diseases of the liver but most people only associate a few of them with the pathology of this important organ.

Very often, a person experiencing skin problems, painful joints, chronic fatigue or aggravation of an allergy doesn’t make a connection between these issues and how their liver is working. Nonetheless, any of the above can be a symptom of disturbances of the liver function.

The liver is called the main filter of our organism and by the time people are 35-40 years old, it is almost impossible to find someone with a healthy liver.

Many doctors are sure that the easiest way to prolong our lives is to start protecting the liver with special supplements as early on as possible. These supplements are collectively called «hepatoprotectors» (hepato means “liver” in Greek).

In 2018, the Canadian company «Mineral Medix» brought to the market a new three-component product called «LIVERguard+» that is capable not only of protecting liver cells but also of contributing to a lowering of blood sugar levels.

The active formula of LIVERguard+ was developed by Canadian scientists who analyzed dozens of profile research protocols. The research was conducted at European and North-American clinics that studied various therapeutic approaches in the treatment of liver diseases.

LIVERguard+ contains only the most effective – from the point of view of modern medicine – natural ingredients for liver protection.

  • Milk Thistle extract contains 80% of Silymarin that protects liver cells from free radicals of the most dangerous type of ROM and ROS (ROM – reactive oxygen metabolites, ROS – reactive oxygen agents). Besides this, the substance actively promotes regeneration/recovery of the liver cells.
  • Alpha lipoic acid – at a daily dose of 600 mg – is not only a powerful nutrient protecting the liver from internal toxins but also a component that is able to accelerate the breakdown of glucose in the process of ATP synthesis. Lipoic acid is an indispensable therapeutic aid both in the case of Type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent) and Type 2 diabetes (insulin-independent). In combination with a diet (lowering the total amount of carbohydrates), the dosage of lipoic acid used in LIVERguard+ will be especially helpful to the people whose blood sugar values are close to borderline (5.9 to 6.9 mmol/L) because at this dosage the lipoic acid tries to resist the first signs of the onset of the disease.
  • Сurcuma (turmeric) – one of the best-known remedies for maintenance of liver health in terms of natural medicines. Curcuma protects this vital organ from fatty liver disease (fatty hepatosis of the liver cells) by promoting healthy cholesterol metabolism in the liver.

In addition, curcuma is able to act as a preventive agent that helps cleanse the blood system of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein).

In the composition of the natural complex LIVERguard+, the best ingredients are combined in a strong and at the same time safe dosage.

According to the official recommendation specified in the state license for the production of the hepatoprotective complex LIVERguard+ (NPN# 80079066), a sufficient dose is three capsules of the product per day. With this dosage, we can expect to see the beneficial effects of an improvement in the liver’s functional activity after three weeks of regular use.

The human body is the result of millions of years of evolution, and the liver is evidence of the careful and diligent approach nature has taken to take care of preserving life. It will be much easier for us to take care of our health in general if we realize this fact and evaluate it correctly.


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