How to Promote Glucose Metabolism

Glucose metabolism is the term used to describe the body’s process for breaking down (metabolizing) simple sugars, also known as glucose, into energy. The body requires glucose to function and typically obtains it through consumption of food rich in carbohydrates. There are two types of glucose metabolism. Catabolism refers to the body breaking down molecules in order to access energy while anabolism refers to the combination of different compounds that the cells may need in order to create energy. Eating certain foods may cause a sudden spike in blood glucose levels. However, blood glucose levels that are higher than average on a consistent basis may need to employ different methods to keep their blood sugar under control.

There a few lifestyle changes that individuals can make to help promote healthy glucose metabolism. Exercising on a regular basis can help the body to maintain healthy glucose by increasing muscles mass and decreasing the weight carried around the middle which has been shown to result in higher blood glucose levels. Eating a diet that is low in carbohydrates can also promote healthy glucose metabolism as it reduces the body’s sugar intake.

Herbal supplements can also be helpful in promoting healthy glucose metabolism. Products such as GLUCOguard+ add extra assistance to the body’s natural metabolism of sugar. GLUCOguard+ helps promote healthy glucose metabolism by balancing the production of glucose and helping the body to maintain stable glucose levels. The great thing about GLUCOguard+ is the fact that it can be taken in addition to any prescription medications being used to treat diabetes. It also helps to prevent weight gain and if taken prior to the onset of diabetes, may prevent an individual from developing diabetes in the future.

The promotion of a healthy glucose metabolism can be difficult for some people. Those with diabetes or insulin resistance may find it harder than most to regulate their glucose levels and find a healthy balance. However, with a few lifestyle changes and, if necessary, the addition of herbal supplements such as GLUCOguard+, healthy glucose metabolism becomes more obtainable. Visit Mineral Medix for more information on GLUCOguard+ and other supplements that can benefit your health.

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