Flintstones multivitamins bottle found with unidentified capsules

Health Canada has issued an advisory after a single bottle of Flintstones children’s multivitamins was found with unidentified capsules inside.

According to Health Canada, an opened bottle of Flintstones Plus Iron vitamins was returned to a pharmacy in Longueuil, Que, in December, with unidentified capsules inside. The pharmacy promptly informed Health Canada.

Health Canada asked Bayer, which manufactures the chewable vitamins, to investigate. Bayer concluded that the capsules in the bottle were not a product manufactured or sold by Bayer and that their discovery in the bottle was not due to an issue at the Bayer manufacturing site.

Health Canada says it is aware of only this one incident to date.

The agency is now in the process of testing the unidentified capsules.

It is advising all consumers who have bought Flintstones Plus Iron multivitamins to inspect the bottle to be sure it contains the proper chewable tablets, which are multi-coloured and shaped like Flintstones characters.

Anyone whose child may have consumed unidentified capsules should consult their health care professional, the agency advises.

As well, Health Canada recommends reminds consumers to always check the packaging of any product before buying, to make sure it has not been opened, torn, damaged or otherwise tampered with.
Photo credit and original article at: CTV News website

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