An Organ in the Human Body Named “Mother” or a Question for $314,600.

In ancient China, the liver was called the second heart or the “mother” of the body.

It is true considering the important functions the liver carries out.

To understand the specific significance of the liver, let’s recall a few facts.

  1. The human liver is the largest unpaired organ in the body. More than a million crucially important biochemical processes occur there every minute.
  2. Every day the liver filters more than 2,000 liters of blood. Without this protective function, our body would be severely poisoned even with regular mineral water.
  3. Modern medicine distinguishes more than 50 major liver diseases. Most of them begin and progress without any symptoms, but are able to decrease our lifespan considerably.

Almost all bodily functions, including the brain and the responsiveness of the immune system, depending on the proper liver functioning. Many scientists rightfully ague that a healthy liver is the core of overall health of the body. A right approach to the treatment of fatigue, apathy, depression and obesity would be providing support to the liver function first. A person who wishes to improve or just strengthen his/her health should start with a strengthening of the liver.

How can one do that, how can one effectively help oneself? How can one influence highly complicated processes taking place in the liver so that to not cause any harm?

Modern medicine identifies a group of medications with a hepatoprotectant function (medications that protect liver cells). The major component of the most effective products is silymarin (extracted from Milk Thistle).

This amazing substance not only protects healthy liver cells but also promotes the repair of already damaged ones. One will find silymarin in high concentration (80%) and in an effective dosage (220mg/capsule) in the natural product LiverGuard+ by MineralMedix.

As most doctors note, most of the liver disorders don’t have any specific symptoms, and patients, therefore, turn for the help of hepatoprotectors too late. At the advanced stage of the disease treatments with a single medication are usually ineffective, and a complex system of several ingredients is needed to repair and protect the liver.

It is that philosophy that underlies the new (designed in 2017) natural health product LiverGuard+ by MineralMedix. LiverGuard+ is the first product in Canada that includes a complex set of ingredients having synergistic mechanisms of action (3 components of LiverGuard+ support and strengthen each other’s repairing action).

In addition to a high-quality silymarin, LiverGuard+ contains turmeric (Curcuma longa), 180 mg/capsule, and DL-alpha-lipoic acid, 200 mg/capsule. All three ingredients are extracted from natural sources and are present in LiverGuard+ in the proportion and concentration found effective in clinical trials completed in EU (Germany and Austria).

Single ingredients of LiverGuard+ are used in separate herbal supplements for liver restoration and protection. However, for the maximum results, it is important not only to combine all those ingredients but also to take them at the above specific dosage which LiverGuard+ does.

Let us compare product formulation with compositing of music. Music consists of single notes, but a piece of art is distinguished from cacophony due to its uniqueness of the combination of the notes.

Speaking allegorically, LiverGuard+ by MineralMedix is a beautiful modern symphony of liver protection and restoration.

In addition to liver restoration, developers of the product elaborated on the possibility to decrease blood sugar (glucose) levels using LiverGuard+.

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body, if not the most important. One may hardly overestimate its significance, which means that protection and restoration of the liver are of a crucial significance for a long healthy life.

Apparently, for this reason, the number of extremely expensive surgeries involving partial liver transplantations, grows every year. According to statistics, an average cost of such a surgery is about $314,600.

It is this sum that patients are ready to pay for the surgery aimed to repair the function of the liver.

Human life is an invaluable gift! Take care of your life and restore your health – this way you not only will prolong your days on our planet, but you will save a significant amount of money and hardship as well.

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