How to stop snoring?

Snoring is one thing on which many of us try to avoid a conversation. It feels embarrassing to confess a problem like snoring because we are not ready to accept it as a medical problem but a habit.

If you snore too, you are surely not alone in it. Almost half of the whole population of the world snores. According to surveys, half of the adult population of USA snores in their sleep. Some of them know it, and the rest don’t even realize it.

What causes you to snore?

Snoring is as common as flu or fever. It happens when your air flow to the body, through your throat is disturbed while you are sleeping. It makes the relaxed tissues of the throat to vibrate in a harsh manner which makes the weird snoring sounds.

Snoring disrupts to sleep. It causes the problem for the person snoring and the people sleeping around both. Even if someone thinks that it is not a problem, it is not something that you should ignore. You never know what it is bringing to you.

Sometimes snoring shows a risk of upcoming health issue. For example, you can be a victim of any of the following in the coming time, if you are snoring now.

  • A blockage of airway medically called obstructive sleep apnea
  • Obesity and weight gain
  • Changing the structure of your nose, mouth or throat.
  • Lack of sleep medically called irregular sleep cycle and insomnia, if it becomes more severe.

Can you overcome snoring?

The good news is that it is treatable. Although you may never find a medicine to stop snoring at any pharmacy, still you can prevent it. It is not a medical condition that’s is why there is no drug available for it. However, you can take help from any of the following remedies to stop snoring. Try any of these if you are a victim of snoring too.

Best home solutions  for snoring

Snoring has minor reasons which we commonly avoid. It is rare that it is a serious health concern in which you should rush to the nearest doctor for medical help. The causes have usually accompanied fundamental factors such as sleeping position, eating or sleeping habits, etc.

All of such problems can be solved by easy to do home remedies. These solutions will help you to understand and fix the snoring problems in less time.

  •  Lose weight

For obese people, the risk of snoring is even more. When you plan to lose weight, this problem goes away on its own. Weight loss reduces the fat tissues which play a role in causing snoring.

Such type of weight loss doesn’t need to be precise and calculative. You can only control your portion size and daily calorie intake to shed the extra pounds. Also, try to incorporate fresh food items and don’t use frozen or processed food products.

Having a regular workout or exercise routine is beneficial. All these combined give the best benefits to the user. If you have a medical condition which is hindering in this weight loss process, you might need to take help from a doctor or nutritionist.

  • Elevate the head side of your bed

Sometimes the regular sleeping position also causes the airflow to disturb. In this way, raising the head side of your bed will be a great help. The elevation should be no more than four inches. It will reduce the snoring and maintain a continuous air supply to lungs.

  • Change your sleeping side

Snoring depends heavily on how do you sleep. Sleeping on your back or any inappropriate position can make the body to shift into an abnormal position. For example, when you sleep on your back, the tongue moves to the back of the throat.

In this way, it blocks this supply of air to the body. Sleeping on a side will be a better option to make the airflow smooth. Also, it will reduce the snoring during your sleep.

  • Use nasal strips or dilator

You may see many quick products like nasal strips on pharmacies. They are a simple, stick on strips which are easy to use. You have to place them on the bridge like the structure of your nose. It will help you to maintain healthy breathing and peaceful sleep.

The nasal dilator is a second thing which you may use. It is also an adhesive strip which is stiff. You apply it on the top of your nose by putting it across the nostrils. It will make the resisting elements in air flow smooth, and thus you will never face a hindrance in air flow.

  • Control your alcohol consumption

It is not a sound idea to use alcohol before going to bed. You should make sure that you don’t drink for at least two hours before hitting the bed. Alcohol is a relaxant which makes the throat muscles relax, causing weird snoring like voices.

  • Regulate your sleeping cycle

Not sleeping enough can also cause to snore. It is a sign to show restlessness. The recommended hours for an adult person for sleeping is between six to eight hours. Make sure that you get enough sleep to fulfill your daily work practices in a better way.

  • Anti-allergic treatments

If you have allergies, it will increase the chance of snoring. The natural air flow of the body is disturbed when you have one or multiple allergies. Because the air goes to the lungs through your nose and mouth. It will make you subjected to the risk of health problems like snoring.

You may use any over the counter medicine for allergies. If you aren’t sure which type of allergy do you have, you need to consult your doctor and use a proper medication. So that you can improve the health status of your body.

  • Don’t use sedatives

If you have a medical condition and are using sedatives, you need to set a routine for taking it. Talk to your doctor to help you find options. It is better not to take sedatives before sleeping as it will increase the chances of snoring by maximum rate.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking is a highly unhealthy habit which makes the snoring worst. Not just snoring but it also puts you at the higher risk of health problems, i.e., lung cancer. Talk to a doctor about options to quit smoking.

Other treatments

There are other treatments too which are more related to medical procedures and not a self-help type method. Some of them are as follows.

  • Oral appliance

An oral appliance is dental mouthpieces which help to maintain a sufficient air flow. It helps you to maximize your breathing capacity which directly contributes to stopping snoring. You don’t find it in stores but need to meet a dentist to get such a device and plugged it inside you.

  • Structural problems of nose

Structural problems are those who are a result of trauma or an injury. Sometimes it is natural, but most of the times it is accidental. It results in a deviated septum which is an abnormal alignment of the wall of the nose. This is the same wall which is on the both sides of the nose. It also controls the airflow.

When you have a structural problem, it will eventually make you sleep with your mouth wide open while sleeping. It is the prime cause to induce snoring. You need to consult your doctor for this particular problem. The only treatment to this is surgery.

  • Continuous positive airway pressure machine

It is a unique tool which is a pressurized air mask which covers the nose while you sleep. It makes sure that your air passage is open. It is the first treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

  •  Radiofrequency tissue ablation

This is a relatively new treatment option which is also known as somnoplasty. It uses low-intensity radio waves which shrink the tissues of the soft palate inside the mouth. It reduces the probability of snoring by the maximum.
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