Heart attack during sex four times more likely to be fatal

Heart attack during sex four times more likely to be fatal, not for the reasons you would think.
Embarrassed sexual partners delay calling for assistance so they can put on some clothes first, French researchers find.

BARCELONA — Heart-stopping sex really could be the end of the affair. Research just published shows men are four times as likely to die from a heart attack during sex — mainly because their naked lovers are too embarrassed to call for help.

The French study found that heart problems during lovemaking are the most deadly. Those who suffered cardiac arrests during intimate moments waited twice as long for resuscitation, compared with those left in peril during other activities. The differences in survival rates were found to be caused by delays as shocked wives — or perhaps mistresses — sought to cover their modesty before finding help.

The study by cardiac hospitals in Paris examined 246 cases in which men suffered a cardiac arrest during some form of physical activity.

In total, 56 percent occurred during sport, 37 percent during moderate activity — such as walking or gardening — while seven per cent happened during sexual activity. While arrests during sex were rare, the study found survival rates were just 11.8 per cent, compared with those of 50.2 percent for men engaged in a non-sexual activity.

Researchers said embarrassment and ignorance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) methods meant delays in getting help. All 17 cases of cardiac arrest during sex involved heterosexual men, with an average age of 53.
By Laura Donnelly
Original article at: http://nationalpost.com/health/heart-attack-during-sex-four-times-more-likely-to-be-fatal
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