Don’t hit you liver during summer vacations! Medics warn.

Another medical examination took place in the middle of summer, immediately after returning from my vacation in Egypt. This country gave me a lot of vivid impressions, and also – “moderate hepatomegaly with increasing density of liver tissue”. So I had the results of ultrasound research, and the doctor’s comment was: “Do not worry, in the summer, liver enlargement is a common occurrence”!

Indeed, a comparative analysis of the results of ultrasound and laboratory blood tests revealed a stable pattern – in the summer the frequency of pathological changes in the liver increases significantly, regardless of gender, although men are usually leading in this statistics.
The causes of pathological changes are in most cases are “gastronomic excesses” during holidays, especially known for the “all inclusive” system fans. The temptation to “take everything from life” prevails over our body’s ability to fully absorb the excess amount of food, often exotic and unfamiliar. Adding the fatty meats prepared on the charcoals in the open air.

It is difficult to refuse all the pleasures but we must keep in mind that the consumption of food saturated with fat, adversely affects our liver. Excess fat provokes the development of fatty hepatosis, a condition where the liver cells begin to gradually replace themselves with fat, and subsequently connective tissue. Maybe it is a good time to think how we could take care of liver recovery in time just to avoid very serious consequences like cirrhosis, a terrible disease incompatible with life.

The second and also very important factor is alcohol abuse.

Consuming the alcohol during the summer vacations – is not a rule as many could mistakenly think. But the tendency is increasing for years now.

Don’t forget – the liver is the main organ that neutralizes ethanol by producing a specific enzyme – alcohol dehydrogenase to split alcohol to carbon dioxide and water. Regularly excessing the consumption of alcohol we are deliberately depleting this enzyme productivity and then a large amount of acetaldehyde, an intermediate substance with an extreme toxicity to the liver, begins to enter the bloodstream. Blow to the liver is very hard eh?

Tanning may be another negative impact on liver tissue. Sun lovers often don’t even suspect that on the way to have the desired colour for the skin or a “bronze tanning,” the body necessarily going through a stage of scalding a huge area with all the ensuing consequences in the form of damaging cell membranes and liver cell nuclei.

So we need to take some precautions and certainly avoid overloading and hitting our liver.
Well, don’t paint it black cause there are the ways to protect and restore the liver.
For any therapy and professional advice, we strongly recommend you to meet your personal or family doctor.

Then take the steps in the main direction to prevent and recover. There are hepatoprotective agents and enterosorbents we could offer you.

Currently, we have a very powerful sorbent Zeolite 2 (presented by MineralMedix). It has a very strong antitoxic effect and is actively used to correct the conditions associated with liver damage.

The main hepatoprotective mechanism of action for Zeolite 2 is the restoration of damaged liver cells and surrounding lymph nodes, “flashing” dead cells and replacing them with normal healthy hepatocytes. Herbal supplements (oat bran) enhance the sorption properties of the product, and the body also receives a number of very valuable vitamins.

When you decide to go with Zeolite 2 we’d recommend you the scheme for using it against liver disease and damages as well as for gallbladder complex therapy and problems prevention:
First 15 days take 1 g of Zeolite 2 every morning and 1.5 g – evening time.
Take five days break and then: take 2.5 g of Zeolite 2 twice a day.

Remember: drink half a glass of room temperature water and repeat that course 2-3 times a year.
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