Siberian scientists have found a comprehensive solution to obesity and many other health problems

Only a human being tends to gain weight throughout his or her life according to the Novosibirsk research company “Nov”.
More than 60% of people are overweight in our world. Overweight and obesity are not only aesthetic problems, they are causing very serious diseases most often associated with metabolic disorders.

Most wild animals are as it turned out are actively devoted to lithophagy i.e. are natural ‘rock-eaters’.
Feeding on some stones, natural minerals (mainly zeolites or clays) mammals get all the necessary micro-and macro-elements for their lives.

It was found that some indigenous people and tribes in their history and even nova-days still use ‘clay’ in their meals (certainly carefully picked and chosen by the traditions).
And that are known habits for the indigenous population of the Antilles, India, Bolivia, Australia, West Africa, Sweden (Saami), Russia (Yakuts) where sometimes they call the soft clay consumed in food “Sweet earth”, “Earth sour cream” “Ground oil”, etc.

A person in modern conditions is in a state of “latent starvation”, when even against the background of a seemingly rich diet, excessive body weight, the body continues to lack many components of nutrition. The lack of essential substances (minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc.) in modern refined, canned and otherwise “technologically processed” foodstuffs forces the body to increase the total amount of food in order to restore their quantity.

Thus, we eat more food to restore nutrients deficiency. A violation of the content of micro and macro-elements in the body, the so-called ‘diselementosises’.
Of course, one can diagnose the presence of micronutrient deficiencies in specialized laboratories, but you can assess your condition yourself, answering only a few questions:

  • are there any problems with the condition of the teeth?
  • are you satisfied with the appearance of your hair, skin, nails?
  • increased fatigue?

All of that is the signs of a deficit of certain micro and macro-elements and intoxication of the body.

The normal ratio of minerals in the body is one of the main factors of the normal metabolism vitamins balance.
Based on their knowledge, the specialists of the research and production company Nov, from Siberia, have found a way allowing to process and enrich the natural zeolite, making it suitable for humans, as a biologically active food supplement.

Numerous data have proven the ability of that product to restore micro and macro-elements in the human body. Some of that products are suitable to use in your pet nutrition as well.
Novosibirsk Institute for Clinical and Experimental Lymphology (Siberian department of RAS – Russian Academy of Science) confirmed Zeolite as a detoxifier, the product normalizing the many processes of body self-regulation, the intestines activity and much more.

Obviously, the use of Zeolite not only helps to reduce the body weight but also to stabilize it and optimize the body ‘self-work” for the period of weight loss.

Product has been approved by:

Health Canada
Natural Product Number (NPN): 80071578

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